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March 15, 2018
In 1993, Tooele Army Depot makes realignment list

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the third week of March.

March 16-18, 1993

Formal announcements confirmed that Tooele Army Depot was on the 1993 Base Realignment and Closure list. The BRAC list affected 31 military bases throughout the nation. Recommendations were from Department of Defense Secretary Les Aspin.

“The Army concluded that the projected workload for FY 1994 was not sufficient to maintain all of the equipment depots,” said TEAD Commander Col. David M. Emling at a press conference.

The recommendation was that TEAD be realigned and reduced to a “depot activity” and placed under the command of Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas.

Later in the week, a labor market economist said that Tooele County’s unemployment rate could jump from 6.5 percent to 23 percent if the Tooele Army Depot North Area closed.

“That 23 percent is only if every employee at the depot became unemployed,” said Ken Jensen, economist for Utah Job Service. “We know it wouldn’t be that high because of severance pay or workers finding other jobs.”

March 12-15, 1968

Tooele City leaders met with the presidency of the Tooele Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to see what arrangements could be made for the city to obtain land where the old First Ward Chapel and Stake Office building were being demolished.

The city council was approached by Claude Atkin, who said he represented several Tooele citizens, who believed the land would be a good place for a library.

The land had been appraised at $70,000.

In other news, Jack Brown of Brown’s Clothing Store accepted the position as chairman of the Tooele Cleanup Campaign. The announcement was made by Mayor Frank Bowman.

Cox said that it made him angry to continually see little towns like Goshen take beautification awards and Tooele not even try to clean up her streets.

His plan was to organize civic clubs to help in a cleanup campaign.

March 9-12, 1943

The National Tunnel and Mine Company of Tooele was producing 600 tons of ore per day, according to a company announcement. The February production was 15-percent greater than in January.

Work was underway on several levels of the mine, and a continued increase in production was expected.

Later in the week the front page revealed that 650 new housing units would be available in Tooele within 30 days.

First of the building projects to open would be a 100-unit section of trailer houses at Tooele Ordinance Depot in TOD Park. These would be available to all married employees who could obtain clearance from the administration office.

Another project would provide 400 trailers with 200 for Ordinance workers and 200 for Smelter and Tunnel employees.

March 15, 1918

An announcement was made by Provost Marshall General Enoch Crowder that 800,000 men would be called in a second draft that would begin on March 29 for service in World War I. Details of how the second draft would be applied would be made later.

Crowder said no sweeping withdrawal of large numbers of men at one time was contemplated.

Staff Writer Mark Watson compiled this report.

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