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May 5, 2020
Incorporate Erda

I could not believe it when I read in the Transcript the article regarding Tooele City’s plan to annex Erda. But money is king even there. They could see all the development planned around the temple site and their mouths watered as the dreams of money filled their heads. So our first question to consider is, do we really want to be a suburb of Tooele? I certainly don’t want that. We moved to Erda because of what Erda had to offer, not what Tooele had to offer. So, what can we do? First, all of my Erda friends and neighbors need to get on board and express our disdain for such a move by Tooele city. We need to flood the mail in-boxes of our County Commissioners. We need to flood the mail in-boxes of all our County Planning Commission members. But the most important thing we can do is to incorporate Erda. That’s the only sure way to prevent the annexation. Yes, our taxes will rise a little, but not nearly as much if the annexation occurs. Perhaps an example of what can happen to us is found in the Book of Mormon in the first part of chapter 11 of Mosiah. So, Erda-ites: Sign the petitions. 

But there is another concern facing us in the near future. That is the plan of the LDS’s business arm to create a new city around the proposed temple. Surely we don’t want that to happen. We love the idea of having “our Erda Temple” but not with a high density housing unit surrounding it. In this regard, isn’t it interesting that someone is sending texts and other messages to us saying that if we object to the planned development that we really don’t want the temple and if we don’t quit objecting, we won’t get our temple. I sent a letter to church headquarters objecting the development who, naturally and properly, gave it to the developers. They sent me a nice letter and gently patted me on the back and said not to worry and I need to return to my rocking chair. They will obey all the rules. Of course they will, as they continue packing 447 housing units in that site. So, maybe we could even send letters to church headquarters? And if someone would like to see a beautiful temple and its surroundings the way we would like it, look at the Gila Arizona temple. 

But the bottom line is, just get involved and do your duty.

Dwight Clark



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