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February 18, 2016
Incorporation petitions for Stansbury Park and Lake Point completed

Certification of the Stansbury Park Incorporation Petition is complete. The petition more than qualified with 666 signatures (431 were required).

This is such an important election for Stansbury Park; I want to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to vote in favor or against the incorporation. To that end, the 2016 election in November will be conducted by mail for all Stansbury Park precincts. Each registered voter will receive their ballot in the mail.

However, if you prefer to vote on the electronic machines at the polls, there will still be a polling location at Stansbury High School. You will be required to turn in the ballot you received in the mail, but will be able to vote on the electronic machines.

The Lake Point Incorporation Petition has also been certified. Fifty-two signatures were required and 122 were turned in. This will also be on the ballot. Fortunately, Lake Point already votes by mail so every registered voter in Lake Point will receive their ballot and be able to voice their opinion on the incorporation through voting.

Other petitions: There are a couple of different petitions going around Tooele County. The first is to conduct a study about changing Tooele County’s form of government. While the specific form hasn’t been decided yet, this petition, if enough signatures are gathered, will allow a study to be conducted into what form would be best for Tooele County.

The second petition is gathering signatures for candidates that are running for office. A company called Gather, Inc. is canvassing Tooele County and gathering signatures from residents for candidates who have decided to submit petitions to get on the ballot this year. (Candidates may still also go the caucus route.)

According to a Gather, Inc. representative, it is explained to citizens that signatures are being sought for candidates who are going through the petition process. The signature only gives permission for the candidate’s name to appear on the ballot. Gather, Inc. is gathering signatures for candidates Gov. Gary Herbert, Sen. Mike Lee, Commissioner Shawn Milne and Attorney Scott Broadhead.

If you want to sign all four petitions, you can. If you only want to sign for one or two of the candidates, you may do that, too. You also don’t have to sign for any of them.   Please remember that you can only sign one petition per office.

Candidates filing as unaffiliated: We have had a few calls lately from candidates interested in running for office as an unaffiliated candidate — not affiliated with any of the parties that have been certified by the state. In order to get on the ballot this way, the candidate is required to gather 1,000 signatures if running for a state office or 300 signatures if running for a county office on a petition with specific language. The State Code under section 20A-9-501 spells the procedure out, or you are welcome to contact my office.

Grants from the Recreation Special Service District are available until April 16, 2016. These grants are to encourage recreation anywhere within Tooele County, including the incorporated areas. For more information and to see the Grant Submission Guidelines, please follow this link:, or you may pick up an application in my office.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or at 435-843-3148.

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