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image Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack are all back in the new ‘Incredibles 2’ that opened last week. It has been 14 years since the first ‘Incredibles’ hit the screen.

June 21, 2018
‘Incredibles 2’ holds the same magic as the original movie

Brad Bird’s “Incredibles 2” opened in theaters last Friday after a 14-year wait. Let’s face it: A decade or more is a long time to wait for a sequel. But it was worth the wait.

The film starts off exactly where the first one ended, with The Underminer (voiced by John Ratzenberger) about to cause major damage to the city. The Incredibles fight back with all their power but are unsuccessful in stopping The Underminer and end up causing a lot of damage to the city. This event creates high tensions between politicians and superheroes, completely halting the movement to legalize superheroes. Because Richard Decker’s (voiced by Jonathan Banks) relocation of superheroes program is being shut down, the family is stuck in a motel with few options for the future.

Bob/Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) and Helen Parr/Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) are struggling, with Bob needing to find a job or lose everything, and Helen needing to keep the family stable. It is at this time the telecommunications corporation DEVTECH comes to Bob and Helen, along with Lucius Best/Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), to offer a way to get superheroes legalized. 

Their plan is to use video cameras to record Elastigirl, since historically she is the superhero who causes the least amount of damage, to fight crime in the dangerous city of New Urbem. While on an assignment, she learns of the new supervillain Screenslaver (Bill Wise) who uses hypnotic images to control people. 

With their roles reversed, Bob has to look after Dash (Huck Milner), Violet (Sarah Vowell), and Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile) while Helen fights crime. Bob has trouble accepting this role and the responsibilities of helping Violet with a boy, teaching Dash math, and controlling Jack-Jack’s new powers. He must implore the help of Frozone and Edna Mode (Brad Bird) to handle the kids and the terrors that come with them.

From the first to the last, “Incredibles 2” kept me completely entertained. The action scenes where epic, especially for a kid’s movie, and some scenes had me clenching my hands in anticipation. All the jokes landed, and every scene with Bob taking care of Jack-Jack was comedy gold.

Also, the film kept the magic from the original. I was worried “Incredibles 2” might pay more attention to comedy over emotion, but the story was balanced. I was young when I saw the first “Incredibles,” and that film will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m happy to say I can make a little more room in my heart for the sequel.

With all the good aspects of the film, it pains me to say the most disappointing part was the villian. He was predictable, and I thought the writers could have done a better job of masking his identity. His biggest flaw was he didn’t feel like a threat throughout the movie. It seemed as if he was in the background and not really a problem to worry about until everything else was taken care of. I think this was because he wasn’t expanded upon as much as he needed to be. He won’t ever live up to Jason Lee’s Syndrome from the first movie and that’s why I would say this film is not quite as good as the first.

But despite this one flaw, the film is worth your time. It took 14 years to make because Brad Bird wanted a film that was as good as the first. He may have just missed it by a hair, but we can forgive him for that.

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