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April 26, 2016
Inflamed fears

The Biblical article presented to the Tooele Transcript Bulletin by Father Samuel Dinsdale (dated 4/05 ) and the follow-up rebuttal offered by Gary Nord (dated 4/19) gave most readers fodder for myriads of research into various studies in addition to the Christian Bible.

I hope readers jump upon this chance to broaden their knowledge through Bible studies and the history of man via multiple knowledge platforms. No article sent to the Transcript could begin to teach the topics lit upon in these two writings. All citizens should know what leads to incredible destruction of countries and cultures.

I do know the sociopath known as Hitler, and his band of thugs, have been written about throughout human history in many ages and cultures doing the same thing that unfolded in Germany before and during World War II for the same reasons — power and greed.

The Jews wrote their history down known today as the Old Testament that also predicts the coming of a Messiah and gave accounts of their persecution. In the New Testament the rich Pharisee priests shunned Jesus as their Messiah for fear of inflaming the Roman leaders and losing their privileged niche. In contrast, the commoner Jews lived poorly. The Pharisees would not accept Jesus as their Messiah (New Testament) and Jews still do not today.

Fast forward to Hitler. History states he had a borderline Jewish ancestry, was a failed man, and an atheist, among other things that of course the reader should research. The Nazis were a small fanatic anti-social sect preying upon the disillusionment and fears of the German people who suffered a terrible financial and emotional blow from World War I, which lead to recession, hyper-inflation and disillusionment.  Financial support for the Nazi movement under Hitler was provided by the global rich, including some prominent Americans that were not necessarily religious, just powerful and greedy. Another read.

Hitler did not stop at the Jews. Thousands of Polish Catholic priests were rounded up to meet the same fate as their Jewish kin.

Most German citizens did not support Hitler’s regime. I often wondered why the German people were sucked into his fanatical movement, why they did not rebel. Today I see how small sects  in the US repeating the same acts. They suck upon and feed into and inflame the fears and disillusionment of the people taking over the thought process of a country’s population, playing upon their biases, and leaving the majority of citizens to wonder how a small fanatic movement becomes the rule of the land.

Again, the leaders of these sects are financed by the super rich in order to possess global power. Remember the Supreme Court ruling verifying that a company has the same rights as a citizen? How can armed men come into one’s house and lead the occupants to the ovens?

Alice Elder

Stansbury Park

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