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November 22, 2021
Influences on the mind

I pose a question. What if this newspaper and every newsstand headline stated this: “You are a mistake and you can change what you are supposed to be.” 

This is the message our kids are getting in school curriculum and libraries infiltrated with this message. 

Social media, “being used to shape our teens” is telling them this. Reinforced by peers and media, you feel this way because you are not the real person you are supposed to be. The message; we have a fix, and your parents don’t have to have any say in this fix.

When I was in school, health classes, biology and other studies, the differences between male and female were well defined. These factors started at conception, then structurally as well as other biological changes, developed to a distinct difference.

Talking points about transgender are restructuring of our youth. An Olympic weight lifting competition, a White House official placed at pentagon — it is showing up across the nation in sports activities affecting our youth and other competitive sports. Now it is being pushed in the Utah State Legislature to allow boys to compete against girls after one year of change or treatments. 

This promotion mentioned above is impacting our kids, do you think this would have been a natural progression of humanity? Why is it not showing up in the animal kingdom?  We are a superior intellect and yet we fall for this. We need to review what our kids are seeing and say no to those influences, across the board.

Scott Thiessens



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