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December 25, 2012
Innkeeper’s Wife

by Julie Anderson



I stood in the doorway

On a cold December night

Listening as they explained

The seriousness of their plight.


But they were few of many

Passing through Bethlehem.

Yet something here was different

As I watched the two of them.


Perched upon a donkey,

No carriage for her ride,

She whispered in earnest

To the man standing at her side.


His face was determined and

Hands gentle in his care.

You could see how much he loved her

As she sat precariously there.


This young woman

So far along with child

Turned her gaze upon me;

Her voice was soft and mild.


Did we have a place for them?

Anywhere would do.

She could go no farther.

She would not make it through.


My heart was touched

By her soft and gentle plea.

Though my husband frowned,

I motioned them to me.


We did not have a room,

But a stable round the back.

It was warm and protected,

Though comfort it did lack.


Would this place be enough

For a shelter on this night?

Could she rest comfortably

To leave at morning’s light?


She smiled with relief and gratitude

As they followed where I led

To a humble, lowly stable

Where they would make their bed.


I awoke to a day much brighter

In a world full of toil and strife.

For the part I played that Christmas Eve;

I am the innkeeper’s wife.

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