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November 2, 2017
Install High Sierra to make Mac faster

There are some great improvements as we move through Apple’s new operating system, macOS High Sierra. Most of these improvements are “under the hood,” meaning the features are not necessarily new, but are improved.

For me, I think the best improvement in High Sierra is the new Apple File System (APFS). After I upgraded, I immediately noticed my MacBook Pro is now snappier and faster. Apps open more quickly and files transfer faster. Just last week, I commented to a friend about the slowness of copying and pasting large files on my Mac. But now, this has improved to the point you actually notice the difference. If you haven’t upgraded yet, I recommend you do so, and it’s free.

I also noticed a faster Safari as I surfed through my regularly viewed websites. One of the best improvements in Safari is that videos on a web page won’t play automatically. In the past, this has been so frustrating, having to continually mute videos as I peruse a website.

Another improvement in Safari is about the marketing ads we see as we view websites and search out products. Do you recall seeing ads for a product you search for the day before or recently? This type of tracking is popular because it is effective, but most of us feel it is intrusive and we don’t want to participate. Safari is helping to reduce or eliminate this type of tracking and marketing.

Go ahead and open your Safari and go to a website you can play videos, such as YouTube or Netflix. Begin to play a video and up in the address bar and to the right, you still have the option to mute any sound coming from Safari by clicking the sound icon. Now, realize that if you mute one window in Safari, it will mute all your open Safari Windows.

These upgrades in High Sierra will help make your Mac run faster, be more reliable and more secure. Isn’t that what we all want? Make a backup of your personal files and upgrade to the new macOS High Sierra operating system.

For more than 15 years, Scott Lindsay has helped tens of thousands of people better their skills, publishing more than 400 articles about Apple and Microsoft software, the computer and the Internet. You can reach Scott for comments or questions at

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