Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

May 6, 2021
Intern looks back on four months of Tooele

After four months of interning for The Tooele Transcript Bulletin, I have gained a great deal of insight into the inner workings of the paper, as well as Tooele County.

Attending meetings and speaking to leaders and residents helped me learn what makes this community “tick” and I’m hopeful my articles helped inform people of news that was relative to their lives.

Whether it was covering projects for expanding the county’s infrastructure or explaining plans regarding new zoning permits, it was my mission to shine a light on topics of public interest and give further details which might not be present in a typical Facebook post.

Some of my favorite stories involved people and groups who had a vision to make the county function better and help enrich the community. I covered an ambitious set of bills, sponsored by Sen. Daniel Thatcher, aimed at reforming the emergency response to mental health crises.

Another memorable piece I wrote was regarding a proposal for a mountain bike park to be built in Tooele. Neil Smart championed the idea and expressed such an excitement for the project and I’m optimistic that his idea will come to fruition one day.

The end of my internship also coincides with the end of my college career. These past four years have taught me so much about the value of a free and fair press, especially in places such as Tooele.

At the moment, there’s no telling where my degree will take me. 

One thing is for certain, though, is that I’ll be taking the lessons learned and the experience gained from my internship with me.

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