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January 18, 2023
Irreplaceable items missing from historic Grantsville Texaco

Along with vandalism, graffiti, and thousands of dollars of damage, several irreplaceable items are gone from an old Texaco station in Grantsville. 

Perhaps one of Grantsville’s most interesting attractions, the Texaco station, located at 410 S. Center Street, served as an office for a wrecking company. For many years now, the Texaco building has been the home to a historical display containing a large part of Grantsville’s history.

During the last few months, the facility has been broken into at least three times, first in November, then in December, then on Jan. 8.

A small group of juveniles appears to be responsible. The juveniles used a doggy door to gain entry into the facility, according to Jeffery Watson with the Grantsville Police Department.

The building was broken into during broad daylight and it appears the victims walked to and from the facility on foot.

While the victims were in the building, they broke many things, started a fire in the middle of the floor, vandalized the walls, and urinated all over the floor.

“They just about destroyed the Texaco station,” Dennis McBride, owner of the building said. “This is quite a loss.”

They also stole Texaco memorabilia, including two irreplaceable books.

“There were two books,” McBride said. “There were about 400 pages of pictures and racecars from the beginning of the Bonneville Salt Flats. There was also a book about the Edde brothers and the old airport. They were historical books and they were really good… They didn’t have copies.”

Now, the building is almost beyond repair.

The juveniles also broke into a van on the property and spray painted it.

“They destroyed everything that was collectable,” McBride said. “There was at least 60 years of collecting and trying to preserve that stuff … This is quite a loss for Grantsville and the county.”

McBride estimates the damage caused is around $5,000 but many of the items stolen were irreplaceable.

“A lot of that stuff can’t be replaced,” McBride said. “This was a piece of history.”

Since the break-ins, McBride and his family have set up video cameras in case the juveniles come back.

Video footage caught the suspects entering the property and the facility, but police haven’t been able to recognize faces, so they are asking those who live near the property to check their security cameras and if they see anything, to report it to police.

If local residents see anyone selling, giving away, or trading Texico-themed memorabilia, they should also report it to the police.


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