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February 15, 2018
Is your Mac forgetful? Try this simple, easy repair

If you have a Mac that forgets settings for screen resolution, time zone, sound volume, or others, there may be an easy remedy by resetting the NVRAM (nonvolatile random-access memory), so it’s worth a try.

Does your Mac start up (or attempt to start up) from a disk other than the one selected in the Startup Disk preferences? For many of us, our startup disk is Macintosh HD. You may also see a question mark as it searches for the startup disk. Resetting the NVRAM may take care of these issues and more.

You are going to love how easy this is to perform and it’s safe to do. Shut down your Mac. Press the power button to turn it on and immediately press command + alt + P + R and hold them until you hear the start up chime twice and then you can let go. It may chime again before it goes to your desktop.

Afterward, you will want to go through your system preferences and customize those settings that were reset. According to Apple’s website, “Settings that can be stored in NVRAM include sound volume, display resolution, startup-disk selection, time zone …”

And for some odd reason, when I did this to my MacBook Pro, even though I wasn’t having any of the issues associated with this article, I found it sped my start up significantly. You might find similar results.

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