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May 27, 2014
It is time to get involved, make a difference

Is it just me or do you see our world’s moral compass pointing in an entirely different direction these days? Things that were wrong years ago are now OK. Time-honored laws, rights and moral behaviors are now wrong. People take offense at a word and are hyper-sensitive about every hot-topic that comes along. Common sense is gone — no tolerance runs rampant. Moral judgments and opinions are made based on hearsay and rumors.

We have become a complacent people, sitting back and hoping others do what we don’t have the courage to do ourselves — unwilling to stand up for things we believe in. “Surely someone else will do it; I don’t have the time; I don’t have the money; I don’t have the knowledge.”

As a result, everything we know to be right is chipped and splintered away, one little piece at a time, until we finally wake up and exclaim, “What happened? How did that law get changed? How was that right forfeited? When did that become legal or illegal? By then, it’s too late, all we once knew to be right is now wrong and gone.

Our lives have been “modified and compromised” to the point that the foundation of our moral fabric has been altered. Changes we never thought to see in our lifetime are here now staring us in the face. We have become the nation’s self-centered and self-satisfied silent majority being wagged by smaller more vocal and “mediafied” pressure groups — all attacking our core values. What are we to do? It’s really quite simple, wake-up and get involved.

There are hundreds of issues and organizations for us to get involved with to make a difference today. However, I’m only going to talk about one right now, as its annual fund raising banquet is upon us. The Tooele County Friends of NRA is having its banquet this coming Saturday, May 31, at the Deseret Peak Convention Center/Sports Complex. The doors open at 5 pm. Richard’s Roundup BBQ is catering the dinner. The cost is $35 a person for a night of food, fun, friends and fundraising. There are door prizes, games, special drawings, silent auctions, and a live auction — all featuring firearms, hunting and shooting accessories, camping equipment, cooking accessories, women’s accessories, jewelry, art work, collectables, memorabilia, something for everyone.

So why talk about the Friends of NRA now? Because the Friends of NRA is the foundation to many things we in Tooele County love and hold dear. We like to hunt turkeys, elk, and mule deer. We like to hunt ducks, doves and pheasants. Whether it’s big game or small game, we like to hunt, we like to shoot and we like to teach our wives and children how to do the same and to be safe in the care and handling of firearms at home and in the field.

Sure we have organizations practicing “Conservation Through Utilization” for about every big and small game animal and its habitat that I’ve mentioned above. But what’s the common denominator for all of them? What’s the common denominator for trap shooting, skeet shooting, Cowboy Action Shooting, IPSC, Three Gun, tactical and defensive shooting, Boy Scouts, 4-H, JROTC, Eddie Eagle school safety programs, or just taking your son or daughter out to go plinking with a .22 or air rifle? Firearms.

The Friends of NRA’s sole purpose is to morally, ethically and financially support and sustain the shooting sports, hunting, firearms safety and the practical use of all firearms, crossbows and archery. The Friends of NRA is a 501 (C3) tax exempt foundation that promotes, assists and sustains these important rights and causes. Just this last January, the Utah Friends of NRA Grant Committee issued over $185,000 to gun ranges, range developments, conservation projects, schools, 4-H clubs, JROTC programs, Boy Scout camps, training and safety courses for women and children — all right here in Utah. Tooele County organizations are submitting grants next year to help our Tooele Gun Club and to develop a new shooting range right here at home. Tooele County schools and women shooting organizations are planning likewise.

You can make a difference right now. In four days the Tooele County Friends of NRA will be holding its annual banquet at Deseret Peak. Why not make a difference and attend this family event? Tickets must be purchased prior to the event, so call Shawn Kelly now at 801-859-6701, Valerie Tanner at 801-706-8488 or Michael Harrison at 801-448-2549 or go to www.friendsof and hover over the “Events Tab” and scroll to and click “Find an Event,” then click on Utah, then click on Tooele, UT “More Info.”

This is not a political rally or rah-rah session. It’s a way to help and get involved on a local level and make a difference. The Tooele Gun Club needs a new site and building. We all need a shooting range where we can go shooting with our families safely. Our women, children, schools, scout troops, hunting organizations and clubs need help with firearms training, safety and other critical conservation and shooting sports related issues. Where are they going to get the support? There is only one source — from you. Take a stand now and make a difference — and have a little fun while you’re doing it. I’ll see you from the sidelines.

David Gumucio

Sports Columnist & Contributing Writer at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Gumby has been writing sports columns for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin for more than 10 years. His “From the Sidelines” column covers everything sports related whether local or international. Gumby is under assignment of Sports Editor Mark Watson and also contributes feature articles in other sections of the paper. He also is a free lance writer for other periodicals in Utah as well as in firearms and hunting magazines throughout the country. He also produces outdoor and sports videos. He is fluent in Japanese.

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