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January 4, 2018
It’s easy to regulate the bandwidth to download, upload Windows files

In Windows 10, you can now choose how much bandwidth (the speed of data transfer) will be used to download and upload Windows Update files. This can be particularly helpful if you find downloading your updates is slowing down your other internet activities.

From your desktop, click the start button and then open your settings page. From there, click “Update & Security.”

This is where you should go to verify your computer is receiving the necessary Windows updates it needs to be secure and stable.

Below and in the center, click the link “Advanced options.” Under “Choose how updates are installed,” I recommend you checkmark the boxes to “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows” and “Enabling this policy will automatically download updates, even over metered data connections.” If your Internet is metered, you will not want to enable this policy.

Next, click the link: “Delivery Optimization.” Again, my recommendations are to only allow “PCs on my local network,” and then turn off to “Allow downloads from other PCs.”

Now below, click the link “Advanced options.” These settings are particularly helpful if you are concerned about data usage. If you leave all the boxes unchecked, these settings will be regulated and adjusted by Windows. After you make your choices, go to the upper-left and click the back arrow enough times until you reach the “Check for updates” button.

While you are here, click the “Check for updates” button and it will install the available updates. Once it is done, and you may be asked to restart your computer a couple times, you can close all open windows.

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