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September 20, 2016
It’s time to take this country of ours back

I’ve been on this earth since 1947 and have had many opportunities to watch the world, this country and myself grow and change.

Something I never imagined is how the change would include our thought process, our basic connection with common sense, and our ability to stop and ask “why?” Our inherent instinct is to protect ourselves and loved ones, to evaluate what is being said and where we are being led — as we should in regards to those in power over our lives, our money (taxes and the like), our choices, and our freedoms as stated in the Constitution of the United States.

However, it would appear in today’s social environment the priority is the newest cell phone, or a Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat account to bash anyone you don’t agree with on the internet — including children.

I’m semi-retired. “Semi” because of my own poor choices growing up. Those poor choices have made me a better man today. So every chance I get, I work for Temporary Services as a traffic flagger. Yes, I’m one of those guys who ruin your busy day when you have so many important things to do —  well, at least you’ve been told and programmed to think they’re important. I get to see the public at their best — or worst — depending on if I’m flagging or taking the day off. In either case, every day I have contact with the citizens (and non-citizens) of our community.

Today, the country I was raised in is disappearing at a rapid rate. Common sense has been replaced with “who really gives a d—.”  Basic human respect has been replaced with “screw you, you’re in my way.”

A working knowledge of our government system has been replaced with the need for “social justice” at any costs. Our choices for leadership have been channeled into which thug, charlatan, carpetbagger or thief is the best choice. Politics/leadership (or the lack thereof) are now governed by the color of a candidate’s skin. Every “white” person is a racist.

We are being “nudged” towards total domination by our government(s) (federal, state, local). Take into account all the unenforceable laws we are subject to. I can’t sit under a tree after 8-10 hours in the sun, have a beer and drive home. I am in the least distracted. But on any well-traveled street in Salt Lake City, 1,000 vehicles will pass me in an 8-hour day, and 98 percent will have a cell phone in their hand texting or talking.

The difference? Money. The state can prove alcohol consumption with little cost. Cell phone use is another thing. Costs associated with a conviction for alcohol-related “impaired driving” is an industry in itself. Towing, fines, rehab, special insurance, court costs, breath-alisers for years — it’s as bad as the “Pay Day Loan” scammers.

There are times at 68 years old I’m asked for an ID while buying beer. It’s not because I appear underage. Rather, the store got caught selling to minors, so my life is dragged into their poor decisions. This kind of punishment is a daily thing if you think about it: Others’ poor choices ending in little or no consequences for the offender, but results in added rules for us all.

Our schools no longer teach. They indoctrinate. The USA is bad! Our founders were scammers, racists, slave holders and profiteers. The same math that took us to outer space, the moon and beyond is no longer any good. Your kids must have Common Core! Islam (which has no place in our school’s curriculum) is good and tolerates all. …Well almost all. Women are subservient/beaten, can’t drive, are guilty for being raped, and if you are a homosexual you must die immediately. You gotta love tolerance! Why, they’re just the same as we are! Islam’s true history speaks for itself.

We don’t have an illegal alien problem. They’re just here to make a decent living raping, robbing, gang-banging, shooting other gang members, and selling/transporting/manufacturing drugs. Identity theft? How long do you want this list to be?

A shooting in the Barrio, just a kid throwing eggs at passing cars — with gang ties. Just this great mom living in Magna home alone with her kids and some evil guys breaks in and kills her to steal her dope/marijuana she allegedly sold to the community. Do I need to continue?

It’s time to take this country back! It’s time to stand in front of your mirror and repeat after me: “I’m mad as …”

Louis Duquette lives in Tooele and is a Tea Party supporter.

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