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November 13, 2012
Jail not holding the right criminals

In reference to Merrill Castagno’s letter to the editor on Oct. 30 (“Sheriff’s budget is bloated”), I just want to add my voice of agreement. With this being an election year and with our country being in such bad financial condition, I believe that even more adverse effects are on the way. A prime example of this is as follows: A suspect charged with 13 counts of vehicular burglary from a recent rash of vehicle burglaries in Tooele was recently released from the Tooele County Jail after being incarcerated for less than a day and a half. This person was not bail bonded out, but was released free of charge by the sheriff. Among the tens of thousands of federal prisoners that have just been brought into and now kept in the Tooele County Jail, one in particular is charged with attempted murder upon five U.S. Deputy Marshals. In addition, this person is also being charged with escaping custody from the Farmington Police Department in Farmington, Utah. The citizens of Tooele County were never approached about nor given the opportunity to vote on whether we agreed to bring these federal prisoners into our community. Sheriff Frank Park promised that none of these federal prisoners would be violent or have a violent criminal history. I ask, is this what we want Park to be bringing into and keeping in our community?

Greg Jensen


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