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July 28, 2016
Jennifer Campbell (Jen)

Jennifer Campbell (Jen) moved to Grantsville in 2010. She became aware of the overwhelming feral cat population in the county and started doing something about it. For over five years she has tirelessly trapped more than 2,000 cats and had them spayed or neutered, preventing the births of millions of unwanted, homeless felines.

Jen has assisted countless people to get their own pets fixed, as well as helping many residents fix the ferals for which they are caring. She has been an invaluable help to other cat rescuers in the county who are also caring for feral cats by transporting sometimes 15 to 20 cats at one time to a veterinary clinic in Salt Lake City or Orem and coordinating getting them fixed and returning them, or relocating the cats to a safe location if necessary. Through her efforts, Jen has found loving homes for hundreds of animals that otherwise would remain homeless and suffering.

She has purchased many humane cat traps and other equipment and supplies necessary for feral cat trapping, all out of her own pocket, and provided cat food to those people who need help feeding the homeless animals. She has educated many people on the importance of spaying and neutering one’s animals.

Jen is now moving out of state, much to the loss of Tooele County. I should have nominated her for KUTV’s Pay It Forward award program long ago. She richly deserves that award for her heartfelt concern for and care of Tooele County’s many, many homeless cats and kittens. I, along with other rescuers, residents, and the county itself and its animals, owe Jen a debt of gratitude for all her hard work, help and support. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JEN! We will miss you. BON VOYAGE!

Naida Parkinson

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