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March 3, 2005
Jeopardy champ hosts Seuss event

Youngsters puzzled and puzzed ‘til their puzzlers were sore Tuesday during the Seussopardy competition in the Salt Lake City Library.

The event, a spinoff of the game show “Jeopardy,” was hosted by Utah resident Ken Jennings who holds the record for winning 74 games on the television show.

Northlake third grade student Rebecca Marchester, daughter of David and Laura Marchester was among the nine students from all over the state battling to prove their Seuss smarts.

The game was part of a kickoff for Read Across America Day on March 2. Dr. Seuss’ birthday is observed in schools each year with a nationwide push to get youngsters revved up about reading.

Students began their quest for Seussopardy in January with a six-week period to read the books and study Seuss-lore, said Merle Shields, Marchester’s teacher. Shields and four other teachers in Northlake participated in the event. Youngsters were tested in mid-February and names of the winners of each class were forwarded to the Utah Education Association, the event’s sponsor.

More than 100 classrooms across the state encouraged students to compete for a chance to wear the big hat. A random drawing was held to select nine winners in grades 1-6.

Marchester, Shields, and her 24 students were invited to attend. The class sported yellow T-shirts with the words “Got Green Eggs and Ham?” and waved posters cheering on their red-haired champion. Each student in attendance received a hardbound Dr Seuss book courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

Marchester was given an embroidered vest to wear during the competition. Although she “certainly knew her material,” Shields said, the young competitor struggled with her buzzer.

Marchester didn’t win the first prize along with tickets to Universal Studios in Hollywood. But she was awarded a Seuss hat filled to the brim with Seuss goodies.

“She was thrilled,” Shields said.

Jennings also dressed the part, wearing the classic Seuss hat.

“He was very personable with them,” Shields said. He told the crowded auditorium it had always been a dream for him to play Jeopardy with nothing but Dr. Seuss categories.

Seussopardy questions included information about the author, quotes from his books and trivia any self-respecting Seuss lover would know, such as “What was the name of the Grinch’s Dog.”

Answer: “Max,” of course. The final Seussopardy round showcased Ray Giacoletti, University of Utah men’s basketball coach; Steve Pastorino, Real Salt Lake general manager, and Mikey Nelson, radio personality on Star 102.7

Read Across America was launched in 1998 with the goal of helping youngsters experience the joy and yes, sometimes silliness, of reading.

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