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July 26, 2016
June primary election was a challenge right from the start

The Primary Election has been “put to bed” and boy are we glad.

Every now and then, you have an election that is difficult from the start, and this one was it. I think a lot of it has to do with the closed Republican primary, and voters not understanding that to vote on the Republican party’s ballot, they must affiliate with the Republican party.

Also, with Stansbury Park voting all by mail for the first time, there were a lot of questions. While the voter turnout for the county wasn’t as high as we’d like to see (it never is!) the turnout was 21 percent. There have been primary elections with much lower turnouts: 2014, 12 percent; 2012, 18 percent; and 2010, 12 percent. So I would deem this one a success as far as turnout goes. So take a breather. We will begin programming the General Election next month. But breathe quickly!

Canvassed results of the Tooele County Primary Election

Registered voters: 25,752

Ballots cast: 5,402

Percentage voted: 20.98 percent

U.S. Senate — Democratic: Misty K. Snow, 444; Jonathan Swinton, 360

Utah Governor — Republican: Gary R. Herbert, 2,589; Jonathan Johnson, 1,373

School Board #3: Chad Ellis, 172; Scott Bryan, 322

County Commission — Republican: Gordon T. Beals, 903; Brenda Faddis, 1,355; Shawn Milne, 1,927

In other news, we have processed 386 Tooele County business licenses so far this year.  If you have a business within the unincorporated area of Tooele County and have not renewed your license yet, hurry!

The first late fee started July 1, which requires doubling the fee and will increase each month that you are late. We are grateful to our business owners and the services they provide to Tooele County residents.

Property Tax Valuation/Disclosure notices will be coming to your homes this week. This is not a bill; it is a notice of what your property taxes will be in November. If you do not agree with the value of your home, please contact the Tooele County Assessor’s Office at 435-843-3110.

The tax rates set by the different entities are not negotiable. Property in Erda, Rush Valley and Stockton were reappraised this year, so those residents may see a change in their homes’ value. Please remember these notices do not include any rebates that you may qualify for. Those rebates will show on the property tax notice you receive in October.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or call me at 435-843-3148.

Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor

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