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March 1, 2005
Keep committee intact

(The following letter was orginally sent to Rep. Jim Gowans.)

With the session in its late days, I hope you’ll let HB320 be set aside for study or further discussion. You must know that this concept was initiated with a great deal of Democratic support in the 1970s although a number of Republicans at that time were also supportive. If the utilities think its been an impediment to their bottom line, I can understand that. However, they have a public monopoly and shouldn’t expect to have the freedom of other companies. Regulation in our state has been balanced. Public Service Commissioners have consistently shown appreciation for the “advocacy of the consumer” (the role played by the committee) in their rate cases.

That was our intention when the committee was created. It’s worked. Don’t let these big interests mute public concerns.

Karl Swan

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