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March 29, 2005
Keep kids safe at stores

Let’s keep our kids safe at the grocery store! I am currently the President of the Tooele Mother’s of Multiples Group for Tooele County. As a mother of two children the same age, grocery shopping has been a bit of a safety issue.

I generally have no choice but to buckle one child in the child seat, and have one ride in the basket. After my daughter fell out on her head, I resorted to pushing my double stroller and pulling a grocery cart behind me. This is a challenge for me, as well as for the other customers, since I am always in the way. This is not only a problem for mothers of multiples.

It’s the same story for any family with a toddler and an infant. I am initiating a county-wide petition for the local grocery stores to please have more safe carts available for two children at a time, particularly Wal-mart. While I am very happy to have Wal-mart in our county, and am sure many appreciate the new jobs the distribution center has offered our residents, I feel like a few new carts to keep our kids safe is not too much to ask.

Macey’s grocery has at least 15 of the “car carts” or carts with buckles for two children. Thank you Macey’s. Wal-mart has only four such carts, two of which have broken buckles. While two working carts are better than none, I would hope a corporation as big as Wal-mart, especially with a distribution center right here, could have more carts delivered. I believe that Wal-mart and Sam’s club are owned by the same people. Sam’s club has great shopping carts for families with two young children. They have the type of cart that two children can sit up front and be buckled in.

So it seems to make sense that if those carts are available for Sam’s club, they could be available at Wal-mart as well. These carts are safe even for infants and small toddlers, where the type with the big blue add-ons are not safe for infants. I do appreciate the convenience of having Wal-mart in our county, and not having to go into Salt Lake for basic necessities.

They say Tooele County is the fastest growing county in the state. And with so many young families with two or more small children, I would love to see Wal-mart provide a more safe shopping experience for us all. I did write letters to Wal-mart regarding this issue in 2004, when my daughter fell out on her head. But no changes were made, and no new carts were obtained. So I am looking to the community for families with the same needs.

If you would like to include your name on our petition for more safe shopping carts, you can e-mail me your name, at

Miriam Jones
Stansbury Park

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