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image Joyce Hogan, a member of the Tooele Kiwanis Club and chairman of the group’s Baby Cupboard drive, stands behind three members of the Black Rock Crew of the Sober Riders. It is expected that more than 100 Sober Riders will join forces this weekend to raise money for items to keep Tooele County babies “warm, dry and fed.” Donations of diapers, baby food, etc. will be accepted at Albertson’s, Macey’s and Wal-Mart in Tooele and at Soelberg’s in Grantsville from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on March 26. photography/Troy Boman

March 22, 2005
Kiwanis, bikers buck up for babies

While there are lots of charities in Tooele County to help those in need — until now there’s been one group that’s been somewhat forgotten. Joyce Hogan, a member of the Tooele Kiwanis Club and chairman of a drive called Tooele’s Baby Cupboard, said there’s a real need for items to keep infants and young children warm, dry and fed in Tooele County, “A lot of people donate food to the Community Action Program,” Hogan said. “There are other groups that help take care of medical bills or military families. But often, when people go to the food bank, there’s not much there for babies.”

On Saturday, March 26, from 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Kiwanis members will have donation trucks parked at Albertsons Supermarket, Macey’s Food and Drug, and Wal-Mart, all in Tooele and at Soelberg’s Market in Grantsville.

“We will take all donations for babies and children up to age 3, with the exception of clothing,” Hogan said. “However, we do need receiving blankets. We also need diapers (any size), baby food, formula, baby wipes, powder, shampoo, and anything else that will keep babies warm, dry and fed.”

If people do not want to buy and donate items listed above, the Kiwanis will be more than willing to accept cash donations which they will use to purchase baby supplies.

Additionally, the Sober Riders, a motorcycle group, will do a charity “Ride for the Young’ns” on Saturday to help raise money for Tooele’s Baby Cupboard. The Black Rock Crew with Sober Riders are from Tooele. But other groups from Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and possibly even Idaho are expected to join in on Saturday’s ride.

“Each rider will pay a $25 entry fee and also buy his or her own gas for the ride,” said a Black Rock Crew spokesman.

“We plan to meet at the Stansbury Park Complex for breakfast. We will leave the complex at approximately 11:30 a.m. Saturday and ride along state Route 112 to Grantsville.”

The Sober Riders will make a stop at Soelberg’s in Grantsville. They will then continue their ride down Grantsville’s Main Street to West Street, travel along the old Mormon Trail, then come back to Tooele along SR-136.

“We will make stops in Tooele at Albertson’s, Macey’s and Wal- Mart,” the spokesperson said. “All the bikers will then meet behind Wal-Mart for lunch and a raffle.”

Hogan said all proceeds from Saturday’s activities will go directly to the newly established Tooele’s Baby Cupboard.

“Babies can’t eat spaghetti, Ramen noodles or refried beans,” she said. “They need food that is specially made for them.”

Hogan added that while Boy Scouts and other groups often conduct food drives for the local Community Action Program, there’s possibly never before been a drive just for babies.

“There really is a need here in Tooele County for items for babies,” Hogan said.

Supplies gathered and bought for the babies will be housed at the Tooele County Children’s Justice Center as well as the Community Action Program.

The Kiwanis Club and Sober Riders are hoping that all Tooele County residents will participate in this weekend’s drive.

“We don’t want any babies in our community going without essentials such as food, diapers, blankets or anything else they need,” Hogan said.

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