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October 25, 2016
Lack of respect

Kudos to all the participants in the Dual Language Immersion showcase at the literacy event held Oct. 17.  What a wonderful example of some of the good things going on in our elementary schools here in Tooele County.  How excited and nervous these children were to show off their skills in speaking Chinese, French, German and others.

I’d like to make a couple comments on my observation and take away from this event.

1. You could tell these children loved learning and presenting their respective 2nd languages by watching them perform. How sad that you couldn’t hear the smaller groups because of the rudeness and disrespect shown by the adults in the back of the room. Apparently, the adults in the back of the room thought it was OK to speak louder and louder as the performance went on because, after all, they obviously weren’t there to listen to these children speak in a foreign language. Even with the microphone, the crowd in the back was so loud, one could not hear the performance. How sad that they missed out and because of their rudeness, are the cause of others missing out.

2. Some, if not all, the teachers of the languages are from a foreign country and most certainly, not from our area. We had an opportunity to show our appreciation to them. Instead, the lack of respect shown for what they have taught the children in our schools was appalling and actually, quite embarrassing.

Tooele, you can do better. And if given the opportunity, I hope you will. Perhaps the adults in the back of the room need to go back to elementary school and learn some manners.

Mary Richmond


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