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November 11, 2021
Large new subdivision coming to Tooele City

A developer wants to build a subdivision on 39 acres of land on Cassity Drive .

The Tooele City Planning Commission gave their approval to a request by Mark Garza, representing RueCo, LLC, a company that creates new subdivisions all throughout the state, to a plan that would put 86 single-family homes on the 39 acres during their meeting on Wednesday night.

Andrew Aagard, Tooele City planner, presented the request to the Commission.

The property is located at 750 S. Cassity Drive (1400 East). It is located south of Skyline Drive and connects to Skyline Drive off of 1400 East and through the Deer Hollow Subdivision located to the west of the property, according to Aagard.

The 39 acres of land is currently zoned R1-12. It is surrounded by properties zoned R1-12 and R1-14. Properties to the east and south are part of unincorporated Tooele County.

Garza and RueCo want to subdivide the property into 86 single-family homes, which complies with the R1-12 zone.

“Each lot will maintain 12,000 square feet or more,” Aagard said.

The subdivision will have a Homeowners Association.

Nathan Thomas, commission member, noted that some areas of the subdivision that followed the natural drainages of the property that would be used as backyards as lots appeared to be non-buildable.

Aagard agreed and said that some drainages of the subdivision would be protected through non-buildable easements.

“They have to maintain a 100-year flood channel,” Aagard replied. “They can’t build within that. Most of those areas will be privately owned and incorporated into the lots themselves.”

A final subdivision plan has not been yet submitted, so no public hearing was required on Wednesday night.

At the end of the discussion, all members of the planning commission voted to approve the subdivision.

The City Council will consider the subdivision request soon.


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