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July 1, 2014
Layton duo prevail at Tooele Triathlon

Local swim coach Annie Walgamott finishes first in women’s division 

Brice Williams edged out his Layton neighbor to win the 2014 Tooele Triathlon.

Williams, 38, clocked 53:28.7 while his neighbor Nathan Pollard, 47, finished second with a time of 56:20.4.

Pollard finished seven seconds ahead of Williams after the 5k run. But Williams regained a slight lead on the 10-mile bike ride and then closed it out in the pool with the fifth-best swim time of the day at 06:08.3.

“We live pretty close to each other in Layton,” Williams said. “We were head-to-head in the run, and then he (Pollard) overtook me. He was on my heels the rest of the race.”

Williams swam in high school and at BYU. He was able to put some space between himself and Pollard in the swimming pool. Williams also was quicker than Pollard on transitions from run-to-bike and bike-to-pool.

Participants started with a 5k, then a 10-mile bike ride, followed by a 400-yard swim.

Curt Jensen, 40, of Erda, finished third at 58:34.7. Chase Stoddard, 20, of Tooele, placed fourth with a time of 1:02.40.09.

Annie Walgamott, who just moved to Tooele, placed first in women’s competition and fifth overall with a time of 1:02.53.6.

Walgamott, 26, swam at the University of Utah from 2008–2010, and holds the school record in the 100-meter breaststroke.

“I felt really good out there today. Swimming is my strong point, so I really tried to push hard on the run so I’m near the lead. I felt good with my bike ride today, too,” Walgamott said. The former U of U swim star said it motivates her to try to finish ahead of the men.

“It helps when I see a guy out in front of me. I try to catch up with him,” Walgamott said. She turned in the fastest time in the water for the entire field at 5:17.6.

Former THS swimmers posted impressive swim times too.  Casey McEachern swam 5:42.6 and finished sixth overall in the men’s triathlon at 1:03.51.2.

Three Brady brothers, including THS head football coach Kyle Brady, all placed in the top 11 in the men’s division. Travis Brady finished fifth, Kyle Brady ninth and Justin Brady 11th. Coach Brady said it was his second triathlon.

“I was in the one last year at Stansbury Park. It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to keep in shape,” the coach said.

Dan Bergantz of Stansbury Park placed seventh in the men’s division.

Other local men in the top 25 included Gary Nielson, Tooele, 14th; Gordon Nielson, Tooele, 15th; Tyler May, Tooele, 16th; and Ryan Whitehouse, Tooele, 24th.

Sarah Yerke, Stansbury Park, placed second in the women’s triathlon with a time of 1:13.29.1.

Erda’s Tajia Perkins finished third; Hillary Luke, Stansbury Park, fourth; Sandra Hadlock, Stansbury Park, fifth; Tessa Garrad, Tooele, seventh; Briana Boulton, Tooele, ninth; and Tricia Allen, Tooele, 10th.

Other local women in the top 25: Kaithlyn Bresee, Tooele, 11th; Lisa Bergantz, Stansbury Park, 12th; Britney Bresee, Tooele, 16th; Janna Roberts, Tooele, 17th;  and Kristen Wilde, Tooele, 18th.

Fourteen athletes from Brigham City finished in the top 17 in the Men’s 19U division.

Tooele’s Hunter Sherwood, 13, placed second in the 19U division with a time of 1:16.12.3. Tooele’s Josha Zander, 14, placed 11th in the division.

Alex Kitchens, 14, from Salt Lake City, won the 19U division in 1:05:47.0. He was 10th overall.

“I did this one last year and one in Pleasant Grove,” Kitchens said. The active young man swims for Skyline High School, is a member of a mountain biking team and said he is training for a half ironman triathlon.

Stoddard finished first in the 20–29 age group, with Travis Brady second and McEachern third.

May placed first in the 30–34 age group, with Maher second.

Overall winner Williams led the 35–39 group with Bergantz second and Brent Hogan of Stockton fourth.

Grantsville’s Ken Jones, 58, won the 50-and-over division. Jones finished 40th overall.

John Bate,  59, of Tooele, placed second in the oldest division with Charlie Roberts, 59, of Tooele, fourth in the division which included seven participants.

Perkins, Erda; Briana Boulton, Tooele; Kaithlyn Bresee, Tooele and Britney Bresee, Tooele finished first through fourth, respectively, in the Women U-19 division.

Overall winner Walgamott was first in the 20–29 age group with Tooele’s Garrard  second.

Yerke, 31, won the 30–34 division, with Luke second and Hadlock third.

Bergantz won the 35–39 division with Kayla Broder second and Misty Perkins third.

Tooele’s Tricia Allen placed third in the 40–49 age group.

Janna Roberts placed first in the 50-and-over group  with Tammy Perkins second, and Vaneta Bodine third.

Complete results of the 2014 Tooele Tri can be found at 

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