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November 27, 2012
Leaders bring Great Depression back

Our most revered board of county commissioners — after this recent election, of course — have decreed an unheralded 82 percent increase in property taxes in order to fill the void regarding excessive county expenditures and lack of proper prior planning. Most of us, at this point in time, have not experienced hard times and have failed to recognize that our country as well as county are in dire financial difficulty. With the inception of the very abrupt socialist program referred to as Obamacare in January, the reality of this situation is going to hit hard when we will all have to seriously restructure our budgets. Most of us will not be able to attend Jazz games, will be reduced to one car or none and have to ride the bus to work, will turn the temperature down to 60 in the winter and wear a sweater in the house, will open the window to cool off during the summer, and will maybe even pull a little red wagon to the mercantile for food. In reality, what we need to do is find decent, responsible citizens who are willing to run for office. Thanks to the Transcript-Bulletin for keeping us abreast of these current tax issues and other matters. The quality of your publication has increased dramatically since a few years in the past when it seemed that most of your interest appeared to be in the direction of animal rights and vicious dogs that the mean deputies shot. Keep up the good work.

Ralph Pierce


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