Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

March 8, 2005
Leave bad days behind

I’m old enough to remember why we elected a Charter Commission and changed from the city manager type council we had in those days. We had suffered a series of city managers who had made unpopular, selfish and unwise decisions — some of which we are still stuck with. So many Tooele residents were going to city council meetings they had to be moved to the high school auditorium.

As a result a commission was formed, two of whom I nominated. They took advantage of the opportunity to change to our present strong mayor type council so that unelected city managers would be under strict control of the council or the mayor could act as his own manager. It has worked very well. Please, let’s not change it. If it needs tweaking to conform to state regulations fine, but let’s not go back to the bad old days.


Ed St. Clair

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