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August 13, 2019
Let her go!

This letter is in response to the Transcript Bulletin article in the Aug. 6 edition on page A5 entitled “Newborn at hospital tests positive for opiates and amphetamines,” with the subhead “Erda woman charged with felony endangerment of baby.” 

We recently saw laws in New York State allowing abortion of an infant up to and including the date of delivery. In a society so torn apart by whether or not we should as a society allow the bloody sacrifice of our children on medical tables on the grounds of convenience, it is appalling that we would prosecute a mother who has chosen not to run her infant through the bowels of Baal (today we call him convenience, but it’s the same act for the same purpose). 

Human sacrifice has followed the human population since Cain killed Abel. It seems to me that a society that is trying to restrict abortion (as Utah state seems to be trying to do) should quit persecuting women who choose not to slaughter their young. Leave this poor woman alone! She obviously has a problem with drugs. Her problem did not extend to murdering her child. Let her go and place the baby, who was left at the hospital, with a suitable adoptive family. 

I have seven adopted children, several of whom were birthed by women who had a drug problem but chose life for their child. I, for one, am grateful that the women who chose adoption for my children were allowed to do so in peace.

Roseanne Wilkins


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