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January 5, 2021
Let our generosity continue and may we find hope in 2021

Tooele Transcript Bulletin readers raised over $8,100 in donations in two weeks in December 2020 to help out the Gibbs family of Overlake, the recipients of the 2020 Transcript Bulletin Benefit Fund. 

The donations will help the family as they face unexpected expenses from the loss of the family’s mother and wife, Trisha, due to COVD-19 two weeks before Christmas.

The Transcript Bulletin thanks all those who contributed to this cause.

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated responses created an economic impact that affected many families in Tooele County with unemployment, reduced hours, or new employment at lower pay. 

The result was a larger need than usual for donations for the many worthy organizations that work to help families in need, both year around and at the holiday times.

It also meant those that usually donate were most likely facing tighter financial times themselves.

However, Tooele County’s citizens stepped up and voluntarily contributed generously, not only to the Transcript Bulletin Benefit Fund, but also to other organizations in the county.

As the new year starts, may that feeling of community that imbues the holiday season continue to permeate the rest of the year ahead of us.

While along with many of our readers, we long for the days when we can take off our masks and hug each other again. We look forward to an economic revival when unemployment rates drop to the lowest level once again.

And there is reason for hope that 2021 may bring us those wishes.

In the meantime, health officials remind us to keep our guard up; wear masks, wash our hands, stay home when sick, and maintain a physical distance of six feet.

And we add: When you shop, shop local — help our local businesses stay healthy and survive this pandemic.

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