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image Buses follow the walkers at a pace of around 3 mph.

February 23, 2022
Life’s Worth Living Walk to Wendover tickets now available

The longest suicide prevention walk in the nation will kick off in April by the Life’s Worth Living Foundation. 

The walk, which begins at Tooele City Hall and ends in Wendover, Nevada, will take place on April 29 and 30.

Tickets are now available and walkers are starting to collect pledges.

During the first day, participants will meet at Tooele City Hall early in the morning and take off down Tooele’s Main Street. During the day, they will walk around 50 miles, halfway to Wendover, and buses will take them back to City Hall in the evening.

The next day, participants will again gather at City Hall where the buses will pick them up and take them where they left off in the middle of the desert, 50 miles from Wendover. From there, they will continue to walk until they reach their destination.

“I’m really excited about the walk this year,” Jon Gossett, founder of the Life’s Worth Living Foundation said. “We are hoping to be bigger than last year and walk more miles combined than we did last year. Hopefully as we are coming out of the pandemic, more people will want to do it.”

After the walk, participants will spend the night in Wendover. There will also be an after party.

“Last year, we had a casino party. This year I’m thinking of bringing someone in to perform,” Gossett said. “It will be like a private concert for everybody.”

Prizes will also be awarded for those who walk the furthest, who raises the most money, and the person with the biggest blister, according to Gossett.

The purpose of the walk is to provide healing to those who have lost someone to suicide, have struggled with suicidal thoughts, or just want to support those affected by suicide.

Everyone is welcome. 

Tickets went on sale last week and are selling quickly, according to Gossett.

Tickets can be purchased for $50 on Eventbrite by searching “Annual 100 Mile Walk to Wendover for Suicide Prevention”.

“The $50 covers the tour buses, swag, security, treats, lunches, and the hotel in Wendover once we arrive,” Gossett explained. 

Along with purchasing a ticket, each participant is required to raise $500 in donations, which can be obtained from individuals or businesses.

Participants can create a fundraiser on Facebook indicating that they would like to raise money for the foundation or just collect the money themselves to give to the foundation.

“The nice thing is that all of the money raised goes to the foundation and stays in our community,” Gossett said.

For questions concerning the walk or fundraising, please visit the Life’s Worth Living Facebook page and send them a message.

“Our community has been touched by suicide…We’ve all been touched in some way by suicide but if you want to make a difference, this is one way you can do that. I really do believe the walk will change who you are as a person. You get to meet all of these people and hear their stories. A lot of hope and a lot of healing comes from the walk,” Gossett said.


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