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image Tooele City resident and author Michelle Carpenter sits on her floor with copies of her science-fiction book , “Becoming Human.”

January 19, 2021
Local author’s book hits Amazon best seller list

Two aliens and a boy save humanity in ‘Becoming Human’ 

Tooele City resident Michelle Carpenter, 27, has published a book that has landed on the Amazon best seller list.

Over five years ago, Carpenter began working on her book, “Becoming Human.”

“Becoming Human” is a sci-fi novel about two female aliens and a boy who come together to accept and embrace one another to save all humanity.

The book is best suited for ages 14 through 18, according to Carpenter. 

Carpenter’s book was released on Dec. 8 and sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and local printing companies.

After the book was published, it hit number one on Amazon in a few Young Adult categories in the U.S and it was even a number one release in Canada for a while.

“It’s been cool to see people buying and enjoying my book.,” Carpenter said. “I’m always so happy to hear someone say they enjoyed it.” 

Carpenter’s book has gained more recognition than she thought it would.

“It’s been fun to get text messages from people I know saying how much they enjoyed my book,” she said. “It’s been especially cool to see reviews from strangers in countries like the UK and Canada, What!?”

Many people are talking about “Becoming Human”.

“One cool thing that happened is a blogger listed my book as one of her 2020 faves on her blog and YouTube channel and I have loved seeing posts about my book in the bookstagram community, (a community on Instagram for book lovers),” said Carpenter. “I also got mentioned in Kentucky’s Troublesome Times by my great aunt, which was super sweet.” 

Carpenter loves seeing her book on shelves.

“The other day I went into Barnes and Noble and found my book in there,” she said. “I kept telling my husband how exciting it was to see my book on a shelf in Barnes and Noble. This is what every author dreams of.”

Carpenter learned a lot from publishing her book.

“One of the biggest things I learned, I think, is that aspiring for your goals is really important, but you don’t want to miss quality time with your family,” she said. “As amazing as this has been, my kiddos make me happier than any of this success. It’s not worth all the worldly success to lose quality time with loved ones.”

Carpenter plans to write a sequel to the novel and is excited to write more books in the future.

Individuals interested in the book can buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or local indie bookstores. Carpenter recommends individuals buy it from local bookstores.

“A lot of local indie bookstores are struggling now that they aren’t open, so I recommend buying a physical copy from the King’s English in Salt Lake City or another local store,” she said.

“Becoming Human” is $15. The ebook is $3.


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