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September 23, 2021
Local company aims to teach families about healthy and quick cooking

A Tooele-based company aims to teach families how to plan and prepare quick, easy, and healthy meals. 

Jeremy Thompson-Astilla and his husband Deryk, co-owners of Life Changing Dinners, want to educate families about cooking. They also sell cooking equipment.

The Thompson-Astillas founded Life Changing Dinners, a worldwide company, in Portland, Oregon 10 years ago. When they moved to Tooele County in January 2021, they brought the company with them.

“We are really here to make a difference in the Tooele Valley, because there isn’t really a lot to eat that’s healthy here,” Thompson-Astilla said. “We specialize in making easy, fast, delicious recipes.” 

Each recipe includes four to six ingredients, is full of flavor, and includes healthy nutrition, according to Thompson-Astilla.

“We don’t make healthy hippie food, like you would think,” he said. “It’s really good quality and people can use stuff they get out of their garden for the meals. It’s also kid friendly.”

Life Changing Dinners hosts two types of classes, the first is an introduction class where Thompson-Astilla visits families’ homes and teaches them how to cook a lasagna, fried chicken, salad, and cake dinner.

The duo also hosts classes in their home after the introduction class is complete, where families can learn how to make several new recipes and sample the food.

The first class is free and each class after is $25.

All recipes that the company makes are American Diabetes Association approved.

They also work with nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, and the Cancer Project to create healthy meals, according to Thompson-Astilla.

“We can really make a difference for those who have diabetes, heart disease, Crohn’s and IBS, and busy moms and dads with picky eaters,” he said.

Life Changing Dinners also sells cooking equipment made out of medical grade titanium stainless steel.

“It really helps to have the right tools for cooking,” Thompson-Astilla said. “We have kind of the only cookware out there that is a nontoxic cookware. A lot of the cookware from the store, like regular stainless steel or Teflon reacts with your food. So, ours doesn’t and it actually cuts your cooking time in half. It’s waterless cookware.”

Thompson-Astilla  said that using regular cookware causes food to lose 60 to 90% of the nutrition and flavor in food.

“Your nutrition and flavor go hand in hand,” he said. “So, when we show families how to cook with our cookware, we save families 93% of the nutrition. So, the way we cook, you literally save three times the nutrition and flavor.”

Those interested in scheduling a class with Life Changing Dinners can visit their website at

Life Changing Dinners will be present at the Elevate Your Health festival this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Stansbury Park Clubhouse.


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