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image Seventy-five local Girl Scouts recently attended an archaeology workshop in Tooele. The workshop was put on by Project Archaeology, BLM-Utah and BLM-Nevada.

May 19, 2015
Local Girl Scouts learn from archaeologists

Recently, the Tooele Girl Scouts teamed up with Project Archaeology, BLM-Utah and BLM-Nevada. They hosted the first ever archaeology workshop in Tooele. 

Seventy-five Girl Scouts of all ages attended the event, where they participated in instructor-guided lessons and activities that inspired a sense of value and respect for Utah’s rich cultural heritage. Utah’s Project Archaeology Coordinator, Samantha Kirkley, assisted local Girl Scout leader Lindsay Bramble in the organization of the event.

Sam and other professional archaeologists introduced scientific concepts and information about current and historical shelters, how they are related to one another and the importance of preservation. The presentations were followed by activities where scouts applied their new knowledge. They mapped and recorded mock archaeological sites, identified and described a collection of artifact replicas provided by BLM-Utah’s Fremont Discovery Trunk, and built their own wikiups.

They also connected with BLM and Bureau of Reclamation employees during the women-in-science career panel. An inspiring Goshute elder taught them an indigenous perspective of land use and encouraged them to pursue higher education. To finish off the weekend, the girls toured Tooele’s incredible Pioneer Museums.

After a rigorous weekend of learning and fun, the girls were awarded patches to commemorate their achievements.

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