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image Stansbury’s Erica Alvey jumps in the long jump March 21 at Grantsville High School. Alvey placed second in the long jump and first in the 300 meter hurdles at the meet.

March 27, 2012
Local track athletes score 3A state qualifying marks

Six local athletes earned their way to the 3A state track and field championships by hitting state qualifying marks Saturday at the Box Elder Relays. Three Grantsville athletes scored qualifying marks along with two from Stansbury and one from Tooele.

Grantsville’s Ryan Castagno, Rylie Matthews and Hailey Stevens all made the grade with their performances. Castagno clocked 16.18 in the 110 hurdles, Matthews threw the javelin 104 feet, 5 inches and Stevens cleared the bar at 5 feet, 2 inches in the high jump.

Stansbury’s Hunter Anderson and Justin Jenkins scored winning marks in the javelin and high jump respectively. Anderson tossed the javelin 159 feet, 5 inches and Jenkins jumped 6 feet, 4 inches in the high jump.

Tooele’s Chris Ebert won the long jump with a leap of 20 feet, 2 inches to qualify for the state meet.

The season kicked off last week with Grantsville, Stansbury, Ogden and Wendover competing at a meet in Grantsville while Tooele was in Morgan that afternoon in a meet with Morgan, Bear River and Ben Lomond.

Stansbury’s Anderson had a double win at the Grantsville meet with top marks in the shot put and javelin. He threw the shot 39 feet, 6 inches and the javelin 156 feet, 9 inches

Grantsville’s Castagno won the 110 hurdles with a time of 16.09 while Stansbury’s Luke Jones won the 400 meters with a time of 53.59. Stansbury’s Kaylen Vickers won the 300 hurdles in 43.10. Stansbury’s Atul Havilli won the discus with a toss of 107 feet, 11 inches.

Three Stansbury women grabbed first-place finishes at the meet. Courtenae Nielson won the long jump with a leap of 15 feet, 2 inches. Lyndsie Thompson won the discus with a toss of 98 feet, 2 inches and Erika Alvey won the 300 hurdles with a time of 52.18.

Grantsville’s Hailey Stevens won the high jump at 5 feet, 2 inches.

March 21 meet at Grantsville included Grantsville, Stansbury, Ogden and Wendover

Men’s results (top five in each event)

110 hurdles — 1. Ryan Castagno, GHS 2. Bryce Bartlett, GHS 4. Damion Valdez, WHS

100 — 2. Justin Jenkins, SHS 3. Hudson Conrad, SHS 4. Ben Seekins, GHS 5. Jake Witkowski, SHS

400 — 1. Luke Jones, SHS 2. Dallin Didericksen, SHS 4. Triston Sweat, WHS 5. Colin Arave, GHS

300 hurdles — 1. Kaylen Vickers, SHS 2. Dallin Didericksen, SHS 3. AJ Walters, SHS 5. David Farley, SHS

800 — 2. Luke Jones, SHS 4. Kirby Harris, SHS

200 — 2. Ben Seekins, GHS 3. Hudson Conrad, SHS 5. Colton May, SHS

Discus — 1. Atu Havili, SHS 3. Cody Stanworth, GHS 5. Allan Havili, SHS

Shot put — 1. Hunter Anderson, SHS 2. Allan Havili, SHS 3. Atu Havili, SHS 4. Nick Harris, SHS 5. Blas Aguirre, WHS

3200 — 2. Bryson Stevens, GHS 3. Colin Arave, GHS 4. Harris, SHS 5. Danny Haynie, GHS

Javelin — 1. Hunter Anderson, SHS 2. Tyler Kelsey, SHS 3. Derrick Rasher, GHS 4. Jarom Gleed, SHS

Long jump — 2. Witkowski, SHS 3. Rasher, GHS 4. Tyler Jensen, SHS 5. Landon Stice, SHS

Women’s results (top five in each event):

Discus — 1. Lyndsie Thompson, SHS 2. Bailey Wilson, SHS 3. Maria Aguirre, WHS 4. BreAnn Delaney, GHS 5. Jessica Cuevas, WHS

110 hurdles — 2. Erika Alvey, SHS 4. Courtenae Nielson, SHS 5. Margarita Bermejo, WHS

Javelin — 1. Rylie Matthews, GHS 2. Becca Shumway, SHS 3. BreAnn Delaney, GHS 4. Amy Bateman, WHS 5. Lisa Sandberg, GHS

3200 — 3. Kristen Rust, GHS 4. Bronwyn Douglas, SHS 5. Abigail Beazer, SHS

Shot put — 1. Maria Aguirre, WHS 2. Lyndsie Thompson, SHS 3. Julie Curtis, GHS 4. Zoe Johnson, SHS 5. Hailey Durfee, GHS

Long jump — 1. Nielson, SHS 2. Erika Alvey, SHS 3. Madi Alvey, SHS 4. Matthews, GHS 5. Kendal Levine, SHS

400 — 3. Morgan Vorwaller, SHS 4. Brianna Eyre, GHS 5. Becca Lords, SHS

100 — 2. Brooke Cavey, SHS 3. Madie Alvey, SHS

110 hurdles — 2. Erika Alvey, SHS 4. Nielson, SHS 5. Bermejo, WHS

300 hurdles — 1. Erika Alvey, SHS 3. Nielson, SHS 4. Witley Ernst, GHS

200 — 2. Cavey, SHS 4. Levine, SHS

High jump — 1. Hailey Stevens, GHS 2. Nielson, SHS 3. Jennifer Christensen, GHS 4. Matthews 

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