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May 6, 2014
Look in the mirror

The Obama Administration and Dirty Harry Reed and son tried to run the Bundy family off their ranch in order to sell their land, which is worth $40 million, for $4 million to some communist Chinese wind/solar power plant. It failed because American people have had enough of being bullied.

Well, here come the BLM troopers and Swat teams branching weapons and K-9 units on men, women and children. Here we go again with Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas. The Feds are at it again. When is it all going to stop? Well, I hope it stopped here at the Bundy Ranch. Why did the Feds put out snipers and kill Bundy’s Bull, then try to steal their cattle?

Mr. Bundy was well within the law and that is why the governor and sheriff backed Mr. Bundy.

Too many good men and women have died to keep us free. Mr. Bundy, Thank You for standing tall.

Mr. Dirty Harry Reed and son why don’t you take all your troopers and Swat teams and take over that scat town of Searchlight for this solar powered plant? Oh isn’t that your home town? Show those people in your home town who you really are!

Oh yes, Mr. Dirty Harry Reed, before you go calling people names, you need to take a good long look in the mirror.

William Leal


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