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August 29, 2019
Low Primary election turnout was disappointing

Where oh where did the summer go? It seems we wait for months for it to come and then it goes so quickly we don’t get nearly enough play time in. It’s the same with elections. Didn’t we just finish the Primary Election? Actually, we did, and below are the canvassed reports.

I’m not going to kid you: I’m disappointed in the turnout. Hopefully there will be more voter interest and participation in the November General Election. You’ll want to get warmed up for the three — yes, three — elections we’ll have next year: Presidential Primary in March, regular Primary Election in June and the General Election in November.

In the 2018 General Election we voted on the new form of government for Tooele County. In the November 2020 Election we will be voting on three of the five new County Council positions (rather than the current three County Commission positions). County Commissioners Tom Tripp and Kendall Thomas will still have two years left on their terms, so they will take two of the County Council positions. Please got to this link to see the proposed district maps:

Look the plans over and let the County Commission know what your preference is by Sept. 6.  This will affect our County and its new form of government going forward. Please get involved. Let’s make it the best we can!

If you have any questions, please contact me at or call 435-843-3148.

Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk.

Toole City Council Primary


Registered Voters 14,488
Ballots Cast 3,571
Percentage Voted 24.6%
Wayne Anderton 959
Justin G. Brady 1,612
Jeff Saunders 654
Dave McCall 1,567
Ed Hansen 1,685
Jon Gossett 1,164
Tony F. Graf 999
Ryan Peacock 667


Stansbury Service Agency


Registered Voters 5,810
Ballots Cast 1,034
Percentage Voted 18%
Michael T. Griffeth 603
Kasey Noble 184
Stephen Nelson 219
Recreation Service District
Brian M. Endicott 172
Jacob C Zollinger 245
Devon C. Hansen 244
Randall Hinton 344


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