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November 2, 2017
Mail ballots are making this year’s election a monster

Elections have a personality of their own. Some go smoothly, some don’t. This one has been a monster. Case in point:

1. We have received phone calls that some voters have not received their by-mail ballots. An investigation took place trying to determine who hadn’t received them and why. I decided it was better that the voters in question receive two ballots rather than none. Our software will only allow one ballot to be counted. If you receive more than one ballot in the mail, please know that we were trying to make sure you have the opportunity to vote. Just vote one ballot and throw the other one away.

2. By Mail Ballots have a “Warning” sheet that goes with them indicating that there will be no polling location in that precinct. Absentee Ballots should not receive this warning. Unfortunately, the printing company for ballot production and mailing got these two mixed up. The By Mail Ballots did not get the warning and the Absentee Ballots did.

3. Reports showed that no voted ballots were being received from the Lincoln, Erda 1.2 and Erda 1.3 precincts. On further investigation, the printing company didn’t print that file. Ballots for those precincts have been sent to a different printer and will be at the post office today. If you are nervous about getting your ballot so late, you are welcome to early vote at the clerk’s office through Friday until 5 p.m., or vote on election day.

4. This is the first time the Erda and Lincoln precincts have voted all by mail. We have received numerous undeliverable ballots back from those locations, as well as Stansbury Park, which indicate those voters have moved. In one way, this is good because it cleans up our records. About 50 percent of those voters have moved out of Tooele County, with the other 50 percent moving within the county.

If you have moved within Tooele County and have not updated your address, you will be required to vote a Provisional Ballot. You will also need to show proof of your new address. If you’ve changed your driver’s license to the new address, that will do, otherwise you’ll need a bill, check, something with your name and the new address.

There are eight polling locations around the county. For a list of locations, please see the Election notice in this edition of the Transcript Bulletin, or go online to the following link: As you can see, this has not been the smoothest of elections. It has definitely earned the name Monster Election!

Tax Abatements: Many citizens receiving their property tax notice and who receive the low-income abatement are being required to pay a bigger portion of their property taxes this year. The State Tax Commission conducted an audit that showed the low-income abatement had been calculated incorrectly. This resulted in lower property taxes and an artificially high abatement.

The County is not going to go back and require those who received the double abatement to repay it, but going forward, beginning with this year, they will receive the correct amount on the abatement. If you have not paid taxes in years past, you may be required to pay this year.

If you have any questions, please email me at or call 435-843-3148. Thanks for voting!

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