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August 20, 2020
Mail-in ballots can be a great advantage

Back to school time means a fall election is just around the corner. Just as we have for the last several elections, Tooele County will be vote by mail. The postal service and voting by mail in general have made the news recently and have been quite the hot topic. 

We have voters calling wondering when the ballots for the general election will be mailed, so here is the scoop: Tooele County is not alone in sending ballots by mail. In June the entire state conducted elections by mail. Prior to that the majority of counties in Utah had been holding elections entirely by mail for several years. 

Candidates are finalized by the state on the 31st of August. So, until that time we don’t have the final picture of who and what is going on the ballot. Utah State Code requires us to send ballots 21 days in advance of the election, so that is a mid-October timeframe. If you don’t get a ballot likely reasons are that the address we have is not current or you might not be registered. Unlike primary elections, we will be sending ballots to all registered voters, and there is no requirement for specific party affiliation. 

Once the ballots come in October, you can study the issues and return your ballot promptly. If you are registered to vote (online at before Friday, October 23, 2020, you should expect to receive a ballot at your designated mailing address. You can return your ballot by mail, or find a drop box online at or on the clerk’s website page at 

The ballot for this election will be 19 inches and printed on both sides. This makes voting by mail a real advantage because you have up to three weeks to research the candidates and ballot questions. Candidate profiles, voter information pamphlets, and other items can be found at The Tooele County ballot will have at least two referendums and a bond for the Tooele County School District. The state also has some ballot initiatives, so when you get your ballot get out your glasses, pencil and paper and start studying. There will be a test… it’s called election results and our future depends on getting the right answers.

Tenille Tingey is the Chief Deputy Clerk for Tooele County.

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