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October 8, 2020
Mailed ballots give you time to research your candidates, issues

Election day is coming fast so I wanted to review some of the things about this election.

The first batch of ballots will be in the mail Wednesday, Oct. 13. If you changed your address or moved after Sept. 23, your ballot will not be in the first batch. A second batch will be sent the next week. If you have not received your ballot by Oct. 22, please call the office.

The ballots for this election are 17 inches front and back. Not everyone’s ballot has the same races on it, but they are all the same size. Included with your ballot will be information on making sure you sign your own ballot, COVID instructions on where and how to find information on candidates and ballot issues, as well as ways to return your ballot. There will also be two voter information pamphlets on referendums that are on the ballot. Those of you in the proposed Erda Incorporation will receive a map showing the proposed area.

Voting by mail is a real blessing when you consider the length of the ballot and the research that needs to be done to make an informed decision on the ballot issues. However, if you do not receive a ballot by election day, are disabled and not able to vote a paper ballot, or there is an emergency, there will be one polling location in the county. It will be located at the Deseret Peak Complex. There will be signs and arrows to direct you to the building where the poll workers are located. Park your car in the designated parking lot, walk up to the building, with your valid voter ID, and get your paper ballot. There are no electronic machines, everything is done by paper ballot.  Go back to your car to vote the ballot, sign and seal the envelope and then drive to the ballot box for deposit.

While we ask that everyone vote the ballot they receive in the mail, if you would prefer to vote at the polling location, you are welcome. There will be poll workers all over the place to help you, even if you are just coming to drop off your already voted ballot at the ballot box. 

If you want to drop your ballot in a ballot box before election day, which is preferred, they are located at Tooele City Hall, Grantsville City Hall, in Stansbury near Kravers and on the East side of the Tooele County Administration building. If you return the ballot via mail, it must be postmarked by Nov. 2, 2020.

Thanks for voting!

Marilyn K. Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk.

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