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June 15, 2021
Main Street mess

Why is Main Street not included in any of the Take Pride in Tooele events?

All the weeds directly on Main Street and in the vacant lots on Main Street are an embarrassment to our community. 

It is the same year after year. Cement debris and dead trees have been on West 1000 North for over 15 years, 

On Arbor Day, April 30, 2021, Tooele City planted 11 new trees at the Aquatic Park, yet there are over 20 dead trees on Main Street between the curb and the sidewalk that have been dead for over two years.

Dead deer and household trash will stay on Main Street for an average of one week. Tooele’s Main Street is by far one of the worst looking Main Streets in all of Utah. 

Tooele City will fine someone for not controlling their weeds, but they have double standards for Tooele City property. The property north of Denny’s is over 10 acres of weeds. The golf course is well taken care of.

Please, Tooele City, do more than just tell residents to clean up their properties.

Joe Roundy


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