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July 13, 2021
Maintain filibuster

My response to the June 29, 2021 Op-ed, “Get rid of filibuster.”

I agree with one statement made by the author, Congress rarely gets anything done. It is on us, electing politicians, lawyers, rather than strong leaders in our communities.

Today I read, the current president has once again, with his broad reach, signed another executive order. It has the federal government forcing control by additional regulations in more aspects of our lives. 

Our founding fathers warned of this type of control taking place when power is used by one group/party to change the structure of our governing. Initiating bills and rules to keep it that way thus the so-called for the People Act, mentioned in the previous opinion article, is intended to shore up the position Democrats hold before the next election may change that and restore checks and balances.

Democrat president, democrat Congress and at tipping point in the Senate. The only thing right now keeping from overwhelming control of this nation by one party is the” filibuster” to delay and get public opinion to notice. Notice what? That we do not have any voice when one party rules. It is the same thing that occurred in Germany that led to Nazi devastation across Europe and other parts of the world. America by providence of design saved the world from domination of an unchecked ideology. 

If this current administration is unchecked, we face the most potential for tyranny as our nation has faced since being ruled by a tyrannical king across the sea.  Our founders fought back and established something unlike any government before. 

“By the People and for the People” where no group should be able to withhold our rights and freedoms meant by a sovereign God.

Balance is needed. Any platform that provides American citizens a voice until the ballot box, is our barrier from the same influences that formed the Soviet Union in eastern Europe. Communists have infiltrated our higher education, media and government. They have seen any attack on this nation from the outside would have been met with great resolve from this people. Maintain the filibuster!

Scott Thiessens



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