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April 21, 2020
Major primary election changes; ballots to be mailed

We in the Tooele County Clerk’s Office truly hope you are all staying safe and healthy. We are going through many changes in our office to try and keep the public and our staff healthy while we all get through this time. We are in this together and we can get through it.

There are some important things we need to think about for the future. We don’t know what will come, so we are preparing ahead of time. There are some major changes coming for the June 30 election, so please watch the newspaper, our Facebook (Tooele County Clerk), twitter (@clerkcounty) and Instagram (@Tooelecountyclerk) accounts for more on that. The election in June is a primary election. We won’t know which parties are holding primary elections until after the county and state conventions. Ballots will be mailed the first part of June, so please watch for that; don’t throw it away, loose it, or assume you can vote in person. Also, please make sure you are registered and that your information is correct. Visit to change addresses, party affiliations, etc. 

Here are the changes we know of so far: 1) There will be no early voting for this election; 2) There will be no in-person polling locations; 3) On election day there will be a mobile polling location for use by appointment only; this will be for the disabled, for those who did not receive a ballot and for emergencies only; 4) Unaffiliated voters who want to vote in this election will have to affiliate or designate a party ballot 11 days before the election, as there will be no affiliating or requesting on election day; 5)  The Republican primary election will be closed except to those affiliated with the Republican Party; 6) The Democratic primary election will be closed except to those affiliated with the Democratic Party and unaffiliated voters who request a Democratic Party ballot.

The ballots will likely be quarantined for several days before we process them in order to help ensure the health and safety of election workers is guaranteed. So again, please look for your ballots in the mail. Don’t wait until the day before the election to let us know you didn’t get one; ensure ahead of time your information is correct and let’s work together on this to allow us a smooth, safe election. In the meantime, stay well, register and make sure your information is up to date. 

Tenille Tingey is the Chief Deputy Clerk for Tooele County.

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