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April 12, 2022
Make an effort to keep your holiday traditions

Easter is this coming Sunday. Can you believe it came around again so fast? It feels like just the other day when I was looking for last year’s Easter dress, attending Easter service at church, and having a family barbeque. It wasn’t the other day. It was over a year ago.

On Sunday I was at Kohls looking for my Easter dress. An Easter dress should be a bright color, it should look “springy” but not too flashy, and it should be practical, but the most important thing about an Easter dress is comfort — bonus points for pockets.

Each year, I’ve ventured to the store to pick out the perfect dress, which is usually an hours long ordeal, but this year the dress popped right out at me. It was light blue, ended just above the knees, and a soft, flowy material. The only downside to the dress is the lack of pockets, but oh well. After trying on five or so other dresses, I knew I had found the right one.

Although I love finding the right dress, one of my favorite personal traditions on Easter is going to church to see all of the ladies dressed up in their Easter best. At our church, it’s common for women to wear pants all year long, but every Easter the women dig in the back of their closet and put on the same Easter dress they’ve been wearing for years, or they buy a new one, like me. I love seeing all the beautiful dresses.

Picking out my dress got me thinking about the Easter traditions I’ve observed throughout the years. I’ve been observing the tradition of finding the perfect dress forever, even since I was little, but another tradition sticks out to me.

Each year when I was little, I remember coloring eggs with my grandma, who has since passed away. A few weeks before Easter while at the store, she would buy one of those PAAS egg coloring kits that are only a few dollars, along with a few dozen eggs.

I remember spending hours boiling, dipping, and drying the colored eggs a few days before Easter. The kits used to come with little eye and mouth stickers to give the eggs their own personalities, which we had a lot of fun with. For days after coloring the eggs, we would eat them for breakfast and use them for egg salad sandwiches.  

I don’t know when this tradition ceased to exist but it was probably sometime when I became a teenager and got busy doing my own thing around Easter time. I wish we would have never stopped. Perhaps this year I will begin the tradition again, just for old time’s sake.

Another fond tradition began in 2020 during the dreadful COVID-19 shutdown. This particular year, we weren’t able to attend church, so we had to watch the church service on Youtube. My dad and fiancé at the time gathered at my house to watch the service and after we had a barbeque. I’m not sure what we cooked on the grill or if it was any good, but I remember the time we spent laughing in the middle of an uncertain time. This year, we are going to cook ribs, corn, and bacon ranch pasta.

I’m sure throughout the years more traditions will arise. I think traditions are really important, no matter how small they are, because they bring families and friends together. It’s easy to allow life to get in the way and say “Oh, we will do that next year” but why not put forth the effort to keep the tradition going? I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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