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image A field cricket balances on the tip of Addie Lindsay’s finger. Field crickets are harmless and do not bite.

June 27, 2013
Male field crickets are the singers

Out of 900 different species of crickets worldwide, there are a few that stand out more than others, and the field cricket is one of them. Coming from the family of Gryllidae and the order of Orthoptera, “insects with paurometabolous or incomplete metamorphosis,” the field cricket is abundant in Tooele County. Both wilderness and backyards store many livable spaces for these insects.

The field cricket can be found mostly underneath debris where it is moist, such as leaf piles, bricks, rocks, logs, mulch, weeds, tall grass and sometimes under backyard objects.

Mostly sticking outdoors in its natural habitat, field crickets are not the most invasive insects, but they will try and get indoors if weather becomes unbearable. A fun myth to know, if a cricket has entered your home, it is considered good luck, for they are known to bring happiness and serve as a household protector against bad spirits. If removed or killed, it is thought to bring bad luck to the homeowners.

There is an attraction that can lead crickets toward your home and that is simply by light. Field crickets are nocturnal and they are drawn to porch lights and other outdoor lighting.

Most people enjoy the crickets singing in the late hours of the day. Something you may not know, when you hear the field cricket singing its chirruping song, know that it is a male cricket because only the males sing, and when they do, they are singing to attract females. Females listen to all the songs being sung and choose the one that appeals to her the most. When the male senses that she is nearing, he will sing a softer courting song.


Addie T. Lindsay, 16, is an accomplished writer and a photographer of wildlife creatures big and small. She can be contacted at

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