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image Mayor Brent Marshall gives the annual State of the City address Wednesday night at Grantsville City Hall. Marshall talked about the upcoming Main Street construction project as well as other future plans.

February 4, 2016
Marshall: City is in order ‘financially and administratively’

A thankful Grantsville City Mayor Brent Marshall said the community is strong and heading in a positive direction during his State of the City address Wednesday night.

“Over the past year, very little seemed routine,” he said. “In the face of real challenges, we have been able to look to the future because of the shared vision of all of our citizens.”

Marshall called the proposed relocation of the Utah State Prison to a pair of sites in Grantsville the city’s biggest story of the year. In addition to praising the work of volunteer citizens and elected officials, Marshall thanked the city employees who were put to work in the campaign to keep the prison out of Tooele County.

“They came to work each day knowing hours would be spent in research and writing letters in an effort to keep the prison from relocating to our valley,” he said.

Marshall also discussed the cooperative effort between Grantsville City, Tooele City and Tooele County to address economic development. The site proposed for the Utah State Prison is now being shown to businesses considering relocation to the county.

The mayor was similarly bullish on the state of the city’s finances. Marshall cited a clean audit report for the third year in a row as evidence of Grantsville’s financial health.

“It is noteworthy to have the city in order both financially and administratively,” he said. “We have invested in projects to build a community that offers a premier quality of life.”

The West Bench waterline project, which connected two of the city’s storage tank, and various street projects, were mentioned by Marshall as infrastructure projects completed in 2015. He also addressed projects on the horizon, including the sewer line at Deseret Peak, sidewalk installation on Durfee Street between Hale and Quirk streets, and a pedestrian-activated crossing at the intersection of Main and Hale streets. All are in various states of planning and construction.

Marshall identified future projects, including restoration of the north wall at the Donner Reed Museum and future Main Street reconstruction.

While no time-table has been set for the Main Street project, Marshall said the city will need to replace its outdated water and sewer lines as part of the project. He also said the new roadway will remove the crown of the road that causes localized flooding issues.

Marshall said the city plans to meet with everyone on the Main Street corridor once a start date has been determined and will send information in the city’s newsletter on the construction to all citizens.

“We have watched the Tooele Main Street project with great interest,” he said. “We will try to avoid some of the difficulties that were experienced there.”

Councilman Tom Tripp said Marshall, as a central figure in the city, was modest about his contribution to Grantsville’s success during the State of the City address.

“Mayor Marshall has been pretty dynamic, especially in the past year,” Tripp said. “He puts in way more than 40 hours per week and he’s got a really good handle on what’s going on.”

Newly-elected councilwoman Jewel Allen said the State of the City address captured the upside of the difficulties Grantsville faced in 2015, including the proposed prison relocation.

“I loved it,” she said. “I think it really reflects the optimism that we feel here in Grantsville.”

Tripp said he believes Grantsville City is in better shape now than it was when he joined the city council eight years ago.

“We’ve gone through a period of growth and have accomplished that without too much upset, whether it’s the financial storms we passed and done fine, and I think we’re fairly well positioned,” he said.

For Allen, getting a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes work the city does has given her a greater appreciation for the positive things happening in the community.

“There’s just so much potential,” she said. “So I’m excited about this year for our city.”

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