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image Pallbearers place flower on Maxine Grimm’s casket during her funeral Saturday in Tooele. (David Bern/TTB photo)

February 21, 2017
Maxine Grimm remembered as a woman who loved all

Maxine Grimm was remembered by family and friends during funeral services Saturday as a kind and gentle woman who loved all people and lived a life of faith, hope and charity.

“She lived a righteous life her mother would be proud of,” said granddaughter Genny Campbell while re-telling Maxine’s life before a packed congregation at Tooele’s Skyline LDS Chapel. Campbell said Maxine’s mother left a lasting impression of love and service when she died when Maxine was only 18 years old.

“My grandmother taught me three gifts — faith, hope and charity,” said grandson Edward Grimm. “She was such a great story teller, a great teacher … She taught us about Christ every night. … And what I learned from her has helped me during hard times in my life.”

Maxine, a well-known Tooele philanthropist with a long history of serving community, state, nation and church, died on Feb. 10 in Tooele City at the age of 102. She was born in Tooele City on May 18, 1914.

At Maxine’s funeral, each of her grandchildren spoke lovingly about her and how she left a legacy that will pass on to generations.

“As a child I loved swimming, sledding and hiking at her house,” said grandson Erik Grimm. “I insisted on having my birthdays at her house. She loved guests who would drive up that hill [to her home]. … She couldn’t not help seeing the greatness in you … And she lived the Lord’s greatest commandment.”

But Maxine was also remembered for having a sense of humor and a tough work ethic. Grandson Jon Grimm jokingly told about how his grandmother would have him and the other grandchildren repeatedly move a woodpile “to build character” each time that they came to her home.

“She knew sorrow and grief,” he added while reciting scripture and talking about parallels in her life. “But she knew that true joy comes from serving the Lord … That is true happiness.”

He concluded, “She was an angel to me.”

Presiding Elder Dallin H. Oaks, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called Maxine “my friend” while giving closing remarks.

He shared the story of when he first met Maxine while riding a ferry from Sweden to Finland in the 1960s. He was on deck, standing next to the railing, when he noticed a woman with two small children. She was talking with them.

“I heard her say ‘Tooele’ and I knew I was among friends,” he said.

After introducing himself, Maxine promptly asked him if he’d come to the family’s cabin and do Sunday school.

“That was a sweet occasion,” Oaks said.

Elder Oaks next read a letter from LDS President Thomas S. Monson and his counselors in the First Presidency that acknowledged Maxine’s many contributions to the church and living the principles of faith and integrity.

Oaks also noted how, thanks to Maxine and her late husband Pete Grimm, the LDS faith in the Philippines grew from 1 member to 550,000 members in a short time, and how the swimming pool at the Grimm’s home in the Philippines was initially used for baptisms.

Music was provided by violinist Merideth Campbell who performed “Be Still My Soul.” She was accompanied on the piano by Gary Swan. And vocalist Richard Droubay sang “Going Home.” He was accompanied on the piano by Geraldine Droubay.

David Bern

Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
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