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February 8, 2018
Mayor Marshall: ‘Our strength comes from our partnerships and our ability to work together’

Grantsville City Mayor Brent Marshall’s eyes were firmly on the future during his State of the City address Wednesday night.

Marshall discussed the Main Street water and sewer line replacement projects in detail, mentioned pedestrian infrastructure and roads, and the city’s financial health during the address, which ran for over 11 minutes.

“Because of sound financial stewardship in this great city, our ability to invest in the future of this community is secure,” he said. “Our community now has an opportunity to invest in a new package of capital projects.”

Marshall said the city expects water and sewer bond rates of 1.5 percent and 1.75 percent, respectively, on work to replace the antiquated transmission lines under Main Street. He also addressed the Utah Department of Transportation’s Main Street reconstruction project, which is expected to involve resurfacing the top three inches of pavement on the roadway.

Grantsville City is also looking to replace its declining North Well, which has a deteriorating casing.

“These three projects have been on our horizon for numerous years,” Marshall said. “There is so much happening, but at the same time, we’re making headway in preparing our community’s future.”

Marshall cited a sixth consecutive clean audit as a reason the city has received a better interest rate on bonds for capital projects.

“In each of the presentations on our capital projects, our finances have been scrutinized extensively for our ability to be able to repay these bonds,” he said. “Our finance department is very conscientious and accurate with numbers, no question about it.”

There were thanks from Marshall for other local government leaders, including Mayor Debbie Winn and the Tooele County Commissioners, toward mutual goals.

“We committed ourselves to several initiatives and improvements; now they are becoming a reality,” he said. “Our strength comes from our partnerships and our ability to work together.”

Marshall also quoted former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and thanked his family, city employees and the city council during his address.

“Looking back, I’ve dreamed big,” he said. “Moving forward, I will continue to dream big.”

Marshall’s address was well-received by city council members Scott Stice and Krista Sparks.

Sparks said she thought the State of the City address was great. She also said she agrees the city is in a great spot and has been financially responsible.

“I think the mayor really touched on the key points: things we have going on, major projects, financial status, our great employees,” she said.

Stice said he felt Marshall did a very good job with the address and agreed on the current status of the city.

“I agree with him, the city’s in good shape,” he said. “Financially, we’re in good shape.”

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