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April 16, 2019
Mayor Marshall’s behavior

I was appalled when I read Ralph E. Pierce’s letter to the editor justifying Mayor Marshall’s behavior because he is a “type A personality.” It does not matter what type of personality someone is, the behavior described in the Mayor’s investigative report is inappropriate, unprofessional, and not the behavior a leader of a community should exhibit. 

It is great Mayor Marshall is “passionate” about his job, but this kind of passion is unwanted and unnecessary. Society is not becoming “nothing more than wimps and light weights” as Ralph E. Pierce states. Regardless of how you feel about Mayor Marshall and the allegations against him, the question should be asked: what kind of leaders do we want in our society? One does not have to be a type A personality to get things done or to be a successful leader. 

As a society, we can disagree about politics, local policies, religion, etc. and still work together to better our local communities, state and country. May we all remember the words of Stephen Covey: “What you do has far greater impact than what you say.”

Justin Brady



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