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November 10, 2015
Media’s attack of Christians is sad, appalling

Dr. Ben Carson, a candidate for President of the United States, has been attacked more than once for his religious beliefs, and other candidates will be attacked for their Christian faith as well.

I find it sad and appalling that the news media and others find it necessary to attack people running for public office on their religious beliefs.

The truth is, in attacking a Christian, Christianity itself is attacked; actually the veracity and integrity of God is attacked. It is interesting that religious faith in general has not been attacked, but specifically the Christian faith, regarding our acceptance of the accounts in the Bible, the revealed, recorded, Word of God. I guess Christianity is a safe target today.

Many of the media news and journalist shows that interview Dr. Carson (just Google Ben Carson interviews and you will get many hits) state that Christians desperately cling to the biblical “fables” of creation, and by embracing such ignorance they reject the “science” of evolution, in an attempt to make Dr. Carson to either back down from his beliefs, or make him look stupid for having them.

I hate to break it to the media, but “science” is the arena that’s lost ground in its ignorance. There is no empirical proof, not one shred, that evolution is true. By evolution I mean one species changing into another over time.

You see, Christians do not desperately cling to creationism out of blind faith, but in part because we have no reason to abandon our trust in the Bible when science can produce no evidence at all that our beliefs are not worth holding on to.

And please, give up the tired claim that the “evidence” is clear for all to see. If it is so clear, then point out to us the proof that creatures have changed from one species into another. If you can’t do that, and you can’t, then at least have the integrity to admit that it is you who are clinging to a blind faith out of a desperate fear of admitting that the only viable alternative to a failed scientific theory (evolution) is special creation by God.

Arthur Keith (1866-1955), a staunch proponent of, and a powerful force for the cause of evolution, as well as a noted professor of anatomy and anthropology in the 20th century, once said, “Evolution is unproved and unprovable.  We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.” (By “special creation,” he meant creation by God). At least he was willing to give an honest admission of a blind faith to a questionable science. His frank honesty is lacking in most evolutionists and media interviewers, today.

That dinosaurs existed is not up for debate; clearly they did. But what is also not up for debate is that the charge that people who place their faith in the truth of the Bible, and ultimately in Jesus, are stupid, is an insulting, malicious charge. Such a charge is one that seems to come from a prejudicial, ignorant mind, not someone who is open to, or truly seeking the truth.

I believe that such attacks are not aimed solely at Dr. Carson, but they are staged in an attempt to cause people in the audience to back off on their trust in the claims of the Bible as well. I encourage you not to do so. There is no scientific evidence to support evolution, period. Darwinian statements must not be taken as fact, and theory must not be put forth or accepted as evidence. And that is all the evolutionists have.

If the American public would get past what they taught us as “fact” in the 8th grade, and grapple with some of the more recent ideas coming out of the arena of astrophysics, they would find that many scientists are beginning to conclude that the universe is far younger than they thought — by double-digit billions of years.

If people would take the time to study, they would discover that the outdated models of cosmology, as well as the theories of evolution, are contrary to the laws of thermodynamics, and the observable rules of “order to chaos” or “order to disorder.” If people would read some of the latest discussions on quantum mechanics they would learn that the more physicists discover, the more they realize that they do not understand why atoms, or the universe, work at all. To quote one quantum physicist, “It is insane in there!” (Meaning inside the atom.)

Jesus clearly endorsed the Old Testament as the recorded and true word of God, that includes the book of Genesis with its creation account. He also taught us not to assassinate the character of people by labeling them with unwarranted, derogatory names. You might want to listen to Jesus; He was pretty much the smartest guy on the planet — ever!

McCartney is pastor of First Baptist Church of Tooele. 

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