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March 20, 2012
Midnight film premiers bring out the vampire in all of us

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in awhile I will find myself repeatedly hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock. Then finally, with not nearly enough beauty sleep, I’ll drag myself out of bed. Ah, but only the wonderful world of midnight premiers is to blame for my tardiness to first period math class.

Midnight premiers are legendary. The anticipation of seeing that one movie with wizards and vampires, or whatever, is incredible. Fans hurry to the theaters to wait in lines for hours on end and stay up past their bedtimes, just so, finally, they can watch the movie they’ve been waiting to see for months on end.

The days before a late-night premier are much too full of anticipation. The books the movies are based on are being reread. Friends are talking about the interviews with the actors they’ve seen. People are adding the finishing touches to their costumes. Timers counting down the hours until the midnight movie are being set.

It seems as if they made you wait any longer, you would just die. This is the week when the idea of going to the midnight premier sounds like a really good idea.

The very first midnight premier I went to was “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the summer after my freshman year. I don’t remember much, but I do remember how I told myself I would never do that again. I think we tried to go all out — the costumes, the multiple copies of the books and the sparkles.

I didn’t even really like the “Twilight” books, and I still don’t like them. Everyone knows the movie is going to be worse than the book, so who knows why I stayed up nearly all night to see the movie? Maybe it was because Jacob Black is nice to look at.

Even after I told myself wouldn’t do it again, I did. Just a few months later I found myself at the midnight premier of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I”. I was more excited for this premier than I was for the last one I had gone to. I love the Harry Potter books with all my heart. I had school the day after and again I told myself this was my last time. But, unfortunately, I love Transformers just as much as I love Harry Potter. So, I found myself saying that I just had to see the third Transformers movie the very second it came out in July 2011.

Just 15 days after “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon” premiered, I was getting ready for the midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II”. My friends and I had been together all day in a failed attempt to watch the first seven HP movies.

We arrived at the theater hours before midnight in our pajamas and with our homemade darkmarks on our left arms. We stood among a few other fans dressed in PJs. Looking around, the majority of the fans were dressed as the characters they grew up with — Harry, Ron, Hermione, Moaning Myrtle, Luna, Sirus, Bellatrix Black. It was perfect.

The perfect faded slightly as the movie was starting. We weren’t at the front of the line, leaving us with seats that were much too close to the screen. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the girl sitting behind us was already sobbing. The movie was expected to be sad, but it wasn’t going to start for another 45 minutes. Once the movie started, the girl was in hysterics. We wondered if we ought to call her an ambulance if a character — major or minor — died.

I forgot about how sleepy and grumpy I felt the day after those wonderful premiers. I forgot about the constant noise of other premier goers and the smell of buttered popcorn at 2:30 a.m. But I did remember to buy tickets to the midnight premier of “The Hunger Games” this Friday.

Kristine Johnson is a junior at Tooele High School.

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