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image Miller Motorsports Park and Tooele County School District hope to improve students’ school attendance through an incentive program.

January 30, 2014
Miller Motorsports Park, school district create incentives to improve attendance

The Tooele County School District is partnering with Miller Motorsports Park to reward students that have a good attendance record.

“Keeping Kids on Track,” provides incentives to students that maintain a minimum attendance record of 95 percent from Feb. 3 through May 2, 2014.

Good attendance is tied to increased academic performance and high graduation rates, according to Scott Rogers, Tooele County School District superintendent.

“Anything we can do to motivate and incentivize our K-12 students to have excellent attendance will pay huge benefits,” he said. “More time in school classrooms, on task, equals more achievement and success. We know that excellent attendance is an important ingredient to success in school.”

Students in kindergarten through third grade with a 95 percent attendance record will receive a free zip-line ride while students in fourth through twelfth grade will receive a free karting session at the Miller Kart Trak.

MMP’s zip line, at 194 feet, is the tallest structure in Tooele County. The MMP go kart track is nearly one-mile long with a 900-foot straight-away and is one of the fastest and safest in the nation, according to MMP officials.

“Part of our mission statement is to be a source of pride to our community, and this is a perfect way to contribute to that goal,” said John Larson, general manager of Miller Motorsports Park. “We are very excited to team up with the Tooele County School District and the Tooele Education Foundation on the ‘Keeping Kids on Track’ program.”

The Tooele Education Foundation was instrumental in putting together the ‘Keeping Kids on Track’ program.

“It’s clear to educational researchers that missing school is missing out,” said Dr. Edward Dalton, executive director of the Tooele Education Foundation. “When students are in school, they have the chance to learn more and that equates to academic achievement. We are pleased to collaborate with Miller Motorsports Park and the school district in this innovative education partnership.”

The Tooele Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, was organized in 2010 to build strong partnerships with local businesses and help raise funds and mobilize volunteers to support schools.

Tim Gillie

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Tim covers education, Tooele City government, business, real estate, politics and the state Legislature. He became a journalist after a long career as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Tim is a native of Washington state and a graduate of Central Washington University.

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